Last Monday (March 27th) I got to present my current process of the Galactic Rockstar brief for Shelley Page from Dreamworks. My feedback was so-so. I didn't get the most heat, but I did not hit the bullseye with my design either. Character bio and appearance was so-so, but I was informed that the character... Continue Reading →


How Dreams Work

I received my student brief feedback from Shelley Page from Dreamworks on Monday. She wasn't really harsh, but I didn't receive the feedback I hoped I would. I usually consider myself to have quite thick skin regarding feedback and criticism, but it was very difficult to not feel bad about myself and my art.Perhaps it... Continue Reading →

Whooshwoozool and Moose and yeah

Done a few more sketches in the visual development department for the Neverending Story student brief. Kinda happy with it -- I like the fact that Whooshwoozool has this dwarf-like feel. I actually posted the bat picture to my deviantart earlier today (trying to stay relatively active there as well, posting a small selection from my Insta-dailes... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and Dragons

I'm about to dive into the fantastical world of D&D, and have been inspired to draw a few characters. I need the practice in drawing humans anyway. I see a lot of room for improvement, and I notice that my issues are the same as they were before, only marginally smaller. I still struggle with... Continue Reading →

oh, look, a post?

So after many months, I will retry to actually keep a blog. I anticipate a few posts before a new radio silence. But hey, it doesn't hurt to try. I also imported from my old blog, and as a result, all images went poof unless you visit the individual posts. How unfortunate. Anyway. I am... Continue Reading →

Week 1

First drawing of the day, 3 minutes First thing I realized was that I'm much too careful when I start sketching. I also used a very hard Hsomething pencil, which ultimately shows that it's quite difficult to see the sketch outline. Second drawing of the day, 3 minutes Same issue with the pencil. This time... Continue Reading →

25 – 05

These days I am accepting a few small individual commissions to practice anatomy and... because of the nature of these particular commissions, fur! I think they are coming along nicely. It reminds me of how far I've come in one year.   I am currently still working some on the graduation movie that my group... Continue Reading →

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