oh, look, a post?

So after many months, I will retry to actually keep a blog. I anticipate a few posts before a new radio silence. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to try. I also imported from my old blog, and as a result, all images went poof unless you visit the individual posts. How unfortunate.


I am currently working on a very interesting student brief from Dreamworks, and I’m due to send an email within the next few days. Silly me managed to miss the actual date until recently, so I have a few weeks less to get my visual development content in order than I thought. A few days instead. No stress!


Honestly, I’m pretty happy with this concept, even if it’s one of my first ones (which by default should make it not great). I like the style of aristocracy, and a somewhat villain look about him. I do like the twist of it, and it’s no longer unheard of to spin a villainous character into a hero through personal growth through a movie.

What I don’t like about this sketch is the loose and almost blurry lines. It has to do with the particular brush I am using. However, it is also my favorite brush for sketching, so it is much a give and take thing. As for colours, I really like his outfit, as I feel it matches his vehicle (character has to “match” a vehicle provided in the student brief)

Will have to doodle A LOT more, so that I have concepts to fall back to if this one isn’t received well. Feedback is everything and as a future working artist, it will ultimately not always be up to me which visual design will be approved and used.

Also, here is just a lil handful of the latest images from my instagram.


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