Whooshwoozool and Moose and yeah

Done a few more sketches in the visual development department for the Neverending Story student brief. Kinda happy with it — I like the fact that Whooshwoozool has this dwarf-like feel.

I actually posted the bat picture to my deviantart earlier today (trying to stay relatively active there as well, posting a small selection from my Insta-dailes and other stuff), and I’ve just noticed that another deviant has commented, linking to a drawing they did merely a few months ago, basically the same thing. And I had no idea!

It’s sort of fun to realize that it’s rather difficult to be original anymore, and that’s completely okay! 🙂 If you have a grand idea, it’s quite likely someone else has had it before you, and someone will have it after you as well.

I’ve done some short studies lately on my Instagram, keeping to values, and I definitely need more practice. I’ve also come into a recurring problem with brushes — or rather, which brushes are best suited for line art and sketching purposes. I’ve got lots and lots of different brushes, but it’s as if I don’t get quite the feel that I’d like. It’s not quite right. Perhaps I should look into customizing a few new ones and see if it helps.

I regularly watch Bobby Chiu interviews with other artists (check his youtube, it’s freaking amazing) and a recurring advice for inexperienced and learning artists is to do studies and take your time. This is such great advice. Master drawers didn’t become artisans overnight. They practiced day and night, taking their time to study and understand. Alas, there is no such thing as a shortcut to be great at what you do. There are tips and tricks to achieve what you want, of course. Some trace pictures or paint atop existing stuff to save time, but you don’t really learn from it, and it doesn’t particularly help you improve your skills.

Then again, this is what sometimes make my course work feel so tedious. I could always trace, copy and paste stuff together to make nice art. But that’s not what I want to achieve, ultimately. I’d rather do it the hard way, and go through thousands and thousands of tedious hours of anatomy, values, colour, lighting, composition — all of it.



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