Dungeons and Dragons

I’m about to dive into the fantastical world of D&D, and have been inspired to draw a few characters. I need the practice in drawing humans anyway.

I see a lot of room for improvement, and I notice that my issues are the same as they were before, only marginally smaller. I still struggle with my lines, shading, and values. I feel like I’m all over the place, and the result is art with a rather “muddy” feel. I see that I have come far the last months, but I see that I’ve still got a long journey ahead before I can feel somewhat comfortable with portraits and human faces.

Lightsource, shading, values, anatomy, mark making, textures, everything.

I just recently discovered Miho Hirano, and I am in love. Her style is as gorgeous as they come, and I absolutely adore the way she renders skin texture and variances. I’ll definitely draw a lot of inspiration from her. I’m thinking I’d also like to check out Even Mehl Amundsen again, just because he’s totally got his shit together regarding light source and shading, and he is one of my favorite artists out there. And we always have the lovely Charlie Bowater for an extra sprinkle of delicious inspiration.

Here are a couple of my latest daily Instagram drawings. I’m not particularly happy with them (except perhaps the white druid), but it is practice, and it does matter, even if I do not feel I necessarily reach the goals I set for myself.

Every little helps, but I definitely should do more in-depth studies. I am too impatient, and it is very evident in my art. Lets see if we can do better next week.


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