Last Monday (March 27th) I got to present my current process of the Galactic Rockstar brief for Shelley Page from Dreamworks. My feedback was so-so. I didn’t get the most heat, but I did not hit the bullseye with my design either.

Character bio and appearance was so-so, but I was informed that the character poses were not at all convincing, and they expressed the opposite of what I had intended. Currently, the character itself is not rockstar worthy, but that has quite a bit to do with me misinterpreting Shelley’s original feedback, I realize.

Although Shelley’s feedback isn’t relevant to the eventual grade I’ll draw from my concept, I absolutely do intend to rework the concept to better suit her recent feedback. It’s absolutely important to reflect upon and deal with the feedback given, in order to lift the quality of the concept. I will get to it within the next weeks.

Some of the latest Insta posts: I’ve been trying to dabble a bit with faces yet again, and started working on a key moment scene for another module.

Although my plan is to focus on creature and character designs, I cannot help but be fascinated and awed by certain artists such as Nathan Fowkes, which specialize in environment art. The magic of their art baffles me. I’ve recently looked into the Schoolism Environment Design module of Nathan Fowkes, and he’s such an inspiration to listen to. He explains everything so well, and he let us into a secret that isn’t really a secret at all.

Nathan Fowkes is yet another example of an artist that worked oh so hard to get where he is. Yet another splendid example that reveals that you really have to work for what you want, especially in the business of concept art and illustration. For more than 20 years there has almost never been a day where Mr. Fowkes does not do daily art studies on environments and colour. How many of us can say the same?

So today I did some environment studies of my own. Although it was challenging, it was a strangely peaceful and relaxing task. I’ve gathered lovely artwork from a few lovely artists, and I’ve attempted to quickly copy them, studying the choices of colours and form, trying not to get too caught up in the details. I found it pretty helpful actually, and I am looking forward to continuing my studies tomorrow.


I’m pretty happy with them, as I find myself struggling a lot in general with colour and technique when I attempt environment pieces.


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