The Casualty

I am proud to present my final year group short film. The Casualty is a short film about Tazio Nuvolari as a young man in WW1 several years before he became known as one of the greatest racing drivers that Italy has ever seen. The short is rendered with toon shader and AO and the textures are... Continue Reading →


Dream Walker – a visual development art book

For my Final Year Project for BA (Hons) Computer Character Animation at Teesside University 2015-2016, I created a visual development art book for a potential animation film production.  My main goal was to learn more about the visual stages of pre-production, and I wished to improve my digital design skills.  The end product is a... Continue Reading →

ExpoTees 2016 & Week 23

Expotees 2016 Earlier today I learned that several of my fellow students have been accepted into ExpoTees, and I was positive that I would not be amongst the lucky ones to be accepted. After checking my University email, I am surprised and happy to announce that I have been accepted to exhibit at ExpoTees in May... Continue Reading →

Week 21 Progress, P1

This week is Animex 2016 week, and there will not be much time to work on the project. I have signed up on Dave Paget's workshop: Digital Painting: The fundamentals of Environment Development. I am certain I will learn a lot from this session, and am looking very much forward to it. I remain very... Continue Reading →

Week 20 Progress

Finished t-pose, expressionboard and concept art for Yuri, the tangible memory of the protagonist's dead sister. I have also completed another piece of concept art for the forest environment, catching a glimpse of a wandering isle in the distance.  

Week 18 Progress

Book Specifications Standard Landscape, 10x8 in (25-20cm) Paper : Proline Uncoated, 100# Mohawk Superfine Uncoated End Sheets: Proline Black Dust Cover Status: Uncertain Hardcover seems more professional, but soft cover less expensive and is my personal favorite.   Oh, look, tree and plant concept art and stuff. Cool. Creature Designs: Medium Nightmare This is a... Continue Reading →

Week 17 Progress

HALTIA Stag concept has developed into a heavily coated horse with mane and a horn, perhaps not too different from a unicorn, I suppose. I like the developed CA design much better than the original concept that I posted last week. The name on the creature was suggested by a DeviantArt member, and is Elf in... Continue Reading →

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