Week 1

First drawing of the day, 3 minutes


First thing I realized was that I’m much too careful when I start sketching. I also used a very hard Hsomething pencil, which ultimately shows that it’s quite difficult to see the sketch outline.

Second drawing of the day, 3 minutes


Same issue with the pencil. This time we were asked to include everything within those three minutes, and although I’ve spent less time on the outline, and it didn’t noticeably suffer much I think. However, the sketch here is barely visible due to smudging from drawing number three, because I naturally forgot a fixative. Lesson has been learned.

Third drawing of the day, 3 or 5 minutes


I tried my hand with charcoil, and it was a smudgy experience to say the least. I While the basic details and outlines are alright, it was a very different experience as to using an usual pencil. Charcoil is less forgiving, and it wouldn’t make it very easy for me to fill inn finer details later on.

Fourth drawing of the day, 5-10 minutes


Cannot remember time spent, unfortunately, but I attempted to focus more detail into this one. Was seated in a more difficult spot as well, with a few student heads in the way.

Fifth drawing of the day, 10-15 mins


The objective was to choose a small part of the still life composition and add detail to it. I decided to draw with ink this time around. Although this an unforgiving medium, I find that ink is one of my favorite traditional medium to draw with.

Sixth drawing of the day, 15-20 minutes


Sketched up with a hard pencil first, then started retracing and adding shade and some more detail with a softer B pencil.


Later today I also attended an hour of the live drawing. I didn’t stay until the end as I seem to be developing a cold.Also drew some drawings from picture references for Inktober!



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