How Dreams Work

I received my student brief feedback from Shelley Page from Dreamworks on Monday. She wasn’t really harsh, but I didn’t receive the feedback I hoped I would. I usually consider myself to have quite thick skin regarding feedback and criticism, but it was very difficult to not feel bad about myself and my art.Perhaps it has to do with her status in the industry, I’m actually not sure.

I’ve learned an excellent lesson from this (one I was already aware of but didn’t want to give into at the time). I had become attached to a visual concept that I liked, perhaps rather than the ideal concept for the student brief she has provided us with. When working with clients, you rarely have the opportunity to have free rein on aesthetic choices. HMisI3B

Instead of moping about it, I’ve
done my best to absorb the feedback and try to work with what I’ve been given. After all, Shelley is spending her valuable time helping us get better, and her criticism is oh-so-gentle compared to what many clients in the industry will throw in my face.

Therefore, I am very much grateful that she has taken the time to look at my work and give me such detailed feedback so that I can improve and grow.

The conductor concept has been changed to fit the role better, and I’ve gotten rid of his instrument. I’ve drawn him in an animated pose for a better display of profession and personality. I’ll have to draw two versions of him; the arrogant narcissist and the hero version. I’m okay with what I’ve got so far, and I’m working on him in his hero pose currently.

And as per usual, here are some of my daily drawings and studies from my Instagram account.

I really feel I should do more in-depth studies, and I am trying hard to do so. I kind of feel my attempts are somewhat lackluster — I do attempt to focus on values, but it’s a very slow and difficult process for me.

However, I remember a few years ago that it was absolutely obligatory for me to have the reference image in a psd file so that I could use the colour picker tool to select colours and values. I’ve even forgotten that I used to do that, as I have not done such a thing for sooo long, and I’m happy to note it.

Do I see recent improvement? I like to think I do, but I am honestly not certain. What I do know is that I will keep practicing, and perhaps it will all come together naturally as I advance with this puzzle that is drawing!


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    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s very strange how that emotional rollercoaster ride goes regarding critiques. I think it’s very easy to take it personally when it really isn’t (most of the time). Yet, without criticism and feedback, it’s much more difficult to improve (imo). It’s all about working with what you’ve got and try to do your best to adhere to the valid points of the feedback you’ve been given!

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